Eibnerstudio, Fused Glass Studio, produces commission glass works for the home, office and commercial spaces. Varying in size, complexity and colors, all fused glass projects are designed specifically for each location.

Fantasy Landscape Series  -  2015

The landscape pours are created from the random blending of glass colours.
Due to intense heat the glass turns into fluid taffy, which pours onto the previously designed panel altering the artist's concept.

Val Eibner

Fire in the Sky    
Fused Glass Pour in Steel Frame/Granite base. 
approx. 20 1/2" Ht. x 18" L.

Running Man         
Fused Glass Pour in Steel Frame/Granite base. approx. 21 1/2" Ht. x 16" W.

Val Eibner
Val Eibner

Turbulent Sky   
Fused Glass in Steel Frame /Granite base.
approx. 22 1/2" Ht. x 20 1/2" W.

Mountain Walk
Fused Glass in Steel Frame/ Granite base. 
approx. 21 3/4" Ht. x 13" W.
Val Eibner
Val Eibner

Stained Glass and Fused Glass ,
2 Windows Commission,
approx. 47" L. x37" Ht. each

Stratosphere', Illuminaire     
Fused Glass in Steel Base.
approx. 37" Ht. x 7 1/4" W. x 12" D.

Val Eibner
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